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As the Savoy is located in Worksop, we thought we should give you and idea of whats on. Don't forget the check the Savoy website for further details or call them on the number below.

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01909 481900

Savoy Worksop
Bridge St, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1HP

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Stolen (12A)

Nicholas Cage reunites with Con Air director Simon West for this frenetic kidnap thriller! After being ratted out following a...

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Trance (15)

Danny Boyle's latest film is an audacious blend of heist movie and psychological head trip. You've seen mind-games on-screen before......

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Epic (TBC)

EPIC is a 3D CG action-adventure comedy that reveals a hidden world unlike any other. From the creators of ICE...

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The Theory of Everything (12A)

The life-affirming, superbly acted true story of Stephen Hawking's first marriage. At a Cambridge University party in 1963, brilliant yet...

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American Sniper (15)

Clint Eastwood directs Bradley Cooper in the visceral true story of the US military's most lethal sniper. Having been raised...

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Ex Machina (15)

A computer coder is drawn into a mysterious experiment with a beautiful robot girl in this ingenious sci-fi thriller. At...

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Fifty Shades of Grey (18)

The risque publishing sensation about a kinky relationship springs to life on the big screen. Virginal student Anastasia Steele (Dakota...

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Her (15)

A lonely man falls in love with his computer's advanced operating system in this funny and touching sci fi romance....

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Boyhood (15)

Filmed over 12 years, Richard Linklater's astonishing, innovative drama charts a boy's journey through adolescence. Back in 2002, single mother...

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The Boxtrolls (U)

An orphan boy leads his quirky family of subterranean critters into battle with an evil villain in this fun-packed family...

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Paddington (TBC)

Perennial children's favourite Paddington Bear makes his big screen debut in this delightful blend of live action and CGI. When...

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The Imitation Game (12A)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the suspenseful true story of wartime code-breaker Alan Turing. During WWII, the German Enigma machine successfully...

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Taken 3 (12A)

Liam Neeson goes on the run as the 'Taken' trilogy reaches its shocking, explosive conclusion! Life has returned to normal...

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Into The Woods (PG)

Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep star in a film version of the hit Broadway musical that intertwines several Grimm fairytale...

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Testament Of Youth (12A)

Rising star Alicia Vikander leads an outstanding cast in Vera Brittain's much-loved memoir of love and war. Bright, spirited young...

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The Gambler (15)

Mark Wahlberg stars as a reckless gambling-addict in debt to a gangster in this slick thriller. Californian English literature professor...

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Mortdecai (12A)

Johnny Depp stars in a fabulous comic romp about a debonair rogue sent to recover a stolen painting. A priceless...

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (15)

Colin Firth stars as a suave super-spy in this gadget-packed action adventure from the creators of 'Kick-Ass'. Petty criminal Eggsy...

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